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Savannah, GA & Hilton Head, SC


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5 Options for Your New AC System


A ductless unit in a home.

Ready to purchase a new air conditioning system for the summer season? You may not be too sure of what your options are. Searching around for the lowest price online is not something we recommend, but we also wouldn’t suggest you go for the most expensive efficient room air conditioner you can find. Professional sizing and installation is the only way to ensure your system works smoothly and doesn’t just fail in a couple of years.

Before you try to go it alone, check out our list of 5 air conditioning options that can really help you save. Then call our experts to make sure you get just the right choice for your home.

Central Air Conditioning

A central air conditioning system may cost more than portable or single-room units—upfront. But over time, you will find that it’s worth the increase in initial price. Central air conditioning systems are more convenient, of course, because you can use a central thermostat to control the temperature throughout the home.

Then, there’s the energy savings. Other options for air conditioning are inefficient because those compact units cannot fit the latest high-efficiency technology, nor are they held up to the same federal standards for efficiency. Besides, as you’ll read below, you don’t need a central ventilation system to install a central AC system.

Ductless AC

Ductless air conditioning systems use an outdoor condenser unit, just like other central air conditioners. But, because they are installed in homes or rooms without any usable ductwork leading to them, ductless systems use individual blower units in various rooms of the home.

With a complete ductless system, you can cool off the entire home with a central thermostat, using the same high-efficiency technology as other central air conditioners. In fact, they may be even more efficient in some cases, and you can vary the temperature throughout the home.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system in one. It works just like a conventional central air conditioner, with all of the same parts and a few extra. And it’s the peak of energy efficiency for a conventional central comfort system, for both heating and cooling.

The refrigerant running throughout the system is able to reverse direction. In AC mode, refrigerant removes heat from the air inside a home and releases that heat outside. In a heat pump, refrigerant can also remove heat from the outside air and release it inside for heating.

Variable Speed Blower Fan

A variable-speed blower fan is an efficient addition to a central heat pump or air conditioner. Typically, a fan moves at only one speed, essentially 100%. The air conditioner turns on and off to adjust temperature, but this can result in dramatic fluctuations. Variable-speed blower fans allow the fan to run at half speed instead of shutting off, so your home can stay within 1-2 degrees of the thermostat setting.

Geothermal Systems

One of the most efficient energy sources available comes from the ground. Geothermal systems use an underground loop to provide heat that begins the refrigeration process for cooling and heating. It’s certainly an investment, but one that pays off over time.

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