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How Does a Solar Panel Work?

Friday, March 13th, 2015

Energy efficiency has become both a local and global issue, and thanks to technological advancements in many areas, homeowners have more access than ever to some energy-saving products. One category of products that are making a big dent in reducing energy usage is solar. Solar panels are becoming a very popular option for many homeowners to significantly offset their electrical usage. The energy generated by solar panels can be used to power specific systems, like an HVAC system, or simply to add electricity to your electrical panel to reduce the amount of power drawn from the utility company. These attributes make solar energy very versatile, and either way you choose to use your solar energy, each helps reduce your overall energy usage. But unless you work with energy efficiency experts, you may not see all the benefits you want for your Hilton Head home. Correct installation, repair and maintenance are the key for any energy-saving system, so call the experts you can count on: AAction Air.

How Photovoltaics (PV) Work

Solar panels are powered by photovoltaics, also known as PV. PV works by converting direct sunlight into electrical energy at the atomic level. All PV energy begins with a single solar cell. The solar cell has a top and bottom that are oppositely charged, and these two polarities are connected by electrical conductors in order to create an electrical field. When direct sunlight hits a solar cell, electrons are knocked loose from each polarity and captured in the electrical conductors, creating a flow. Conductive metal plates collect the flow of electrons, then pushes the flow electrons, now electricity, to your home’s electrical panel for use.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Clearly you can offset your own personal energy usage when you choose to install solar panels at your home, but there are some other benefits to consider:

  • Ongoing, renewable source of energy – the sun isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and with solar energy, you can use this sustainable energy source to help power your home.
  • No greenhouse gases – solar energy doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases, so it is extremely environmentally-friendly.
  • Little maintenance is required – solar panels do not have any moving parts, and they are very durable, so very little maintenance is needed for them.

If you are ready to take advantage of the power of the sun with solar panels, call the experts at AAction Air today!

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3 Distinctive Features of Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems

Monday, July 7th, 2014

The principal way to harness solar energy for modern buildings is through the installation of photovoltaic (PV) cells. PV cells in solar panels on a roof convert solar radiation into direct electrical current, and they have numerous advantages that make them the fastest growing green technology on the planet.

You can bring this power right into your home with photovoltaic solar energy systems in Hilton Head, GA. The clean, free, and efficient power of the sun is here for you to use, and the solar energy professionals at AAction Air are ready to help you. Call us today to find out how we can better your life with a PV system installation.

I. They do not require any moving parts

Photovoltaic cells operate through semiconductors that display a photovoltaic effect, which means they create an electric current of excited electrons when exposed to sunlight. This requires no moving parts at all, and this makes PV cells both durable (the will not wear down due to motion stress) and inexpensive to operate. They do not require any outside power to run them aside from the sun, so you can have PV systems that are entirely off the electric grid. (There are also optional grid-connected systems that do not require batteries for electrical storage.)

II. They can power your whole home

When you first begin installing a photovoltaic solar energy system, it will probably be to power a single appliance: a water heater, an air conditioner. however, PVs are capable of supplying current to any electrical system in a home: lights, computers, laundry machines, pool heaters… your whole home can eventually convert to solar power thanks to the installation of PV cells.

III. They recoup installation costs faster than any other system

Installing solar energy panels often intimidates people because the costs are higher than for installing standard electro-mechanical or gas-power systems. When budgeting on the short-term, it’s true that PV solar energy systems can seem too costly. However, no sustainable or renewable energy source will pay back the amount needed to manufacture it than photovoltaics. Recent studies in Europe have shown these systems return their costs in 1.5–2.5 years, depending on the amount of solar exposure. Because of PV durability and longevity (thanks to having few moving parts), they offer homeowners many years after the payback period of providing essentially free power.

Installing photovoltaic solar energy systems in Hilton Head, GA, as with installing them anywhere, is a task for specialists only. You will not have a guarantee that your PV solar energy system will operate efficiently and deliver you the savings you want if amateurs handle the job (or you try to do it yourself).

If you are interested in solar energy for your home or business call AAction Air today to talk to a staff of solar experts who can find out the best way to hook up your home for solar energy.

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Benefits of a Home Energy Audit in Pooler, GA

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Everyone wants to keep their home comfortable throughout the year. Sometimes that is easier said than done, though. Even if your air conditioner and heater are working properly, poor energy efficiency can be caused by many other factors. Do not let low efficiency levels in your home dissuade you from keeping it as comfortable as you deserve all year long. Call AAction Air today to learn more about what an energy audit entails and how it can benefit your home in Pooler, GA.

There are a few different steps that your energy audit technician may take in determining what the energy efficiency problems in your home are. One common procedure is called a thermographic scan. This is one way in which your energy auditor can determine where thermal defects and air leakage are occurring in the envelope of your home. Infrared videos and cameras are used to read the surface temperatures of your home. The scans allow professional energy auditors to determine where additional insulation may benefit your home.

Thermographic scans can be performed indoors or outside, though interior scans are more common. This is due to the fact that air escaping your home may not move in straight line, and it is easier to pinpoint the problem spot from inside. Either way, this process allows your professional energy auditor the opportunity to assess air leakage in your home.

Thermographic readings are often performed in conjunction with blower door testing. During a blower door test your home is sealed up. A powerful fan pulls air out of your home. This imbalance of pressure causes air to then be pulled in through cracks and gaps in your home envelope. This process further determines problem areas in your home that may benefit from sealing or the installation of more insulation.

If your heating and air conditioning costs are just too high in Pooler, GA, call AAction Air today. We have the tools and the training necessary to ensure that your home is as efficient as can be. A professional energy audit can help you find the source of your efficiency problems, and our technicians can help resolve them. Let us help make your home a more comfortable, efficient place to live.

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Solar Guide: What You Need to Know About Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Solar energy is an affordable, clean and sustainable energy source. It is also quite versatile, and can be used for anything from providing electricity to your home, providing hot water and even heating your pool. Of course, one of the main reasons many people turn to solar energy in Savannah is the efficiency with which these systems work. Here is some important information for you to know about solar energy and energy efficiency, compliments of the solar experts here at AAction Air.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems

If you’re interested in providing electricity to your home with solar energy, a photovoltaic system may be right for you. These systems make for very cost effective power, and are ideal for homes where it is inconvenient or expensive to use conventional power lines. The amount of electricity produced by you PV system does vary with access to light, of course, so it is important that you consider the amount of solar energy available for use in your area. You can install a stand-alone PV system, which is totally off the grid, or a connected system that can be backed up by your local electrical grid. Using solar energy is much more affordable than purchasing electricity, but there are a number of components necessary that can swell the initial cost and installation of these systems.

Passive Solar Systems

A passive solar system can minimize the amount of energy used in your home by reducing heating and cooling loads before meeting those reduced loads with solar energy. Heat is collected through south-facing windows and stored. This stored energy is then transferred and distributed in a few different ways. A passive solar energy system can greatly reduce your energy consumption, but your home must meet certain efficiency criteria and design specifications to make it worthwhile. It is important to discuss all of these points with a Savannah solar professional.

We hope this information is helpful. There is a lot of information to process when deciding if solar energy is right for your Savannah home, so don’t hesitate to ask questions. Call AAction Air if you are interested in installing a solar energy system in your home!

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