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Common Problems with Industrial HVAC

industrial-hvac-pipesAt home, you might notice the occasional issue with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. Commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems have their own set of problems. They get a lot more use than a home heating and air conditioning system may get, and they require even more maintenance. That’s the only way to prevent issues with such large equipment and lower their frequency.

If you own or manage a commercial or industrial property, you’re likely to come across your share of issues, and the following causes may explain these problems. Be sure to call a qualified industrial HVAC contractor to handle these issues!

Poor Maintenance

When we visit a property to make a sudden repair on an HVAC system, we can often attribute the trouble to a poorly maintained system. You might not realize just how much wear and tear your systems are put through over the course of a year, but it can be significant.

When you fail to maintain your heating and air conditioning equipment, especially in an industrial setting, problems can go on for longer than they should. What could have been a small repair, if caught early, can spiral into something costly and time-consuming. You should have professional HVAC technicians checking your equipment each year.

Clogged Filters

You may be surprised to hear that clogged filters are really an issue on an industrial property. Over time, the filter could become blocked up with dirt and debris that stops air from flowing throughout the system as it should. If you don’t have somebody on the property on schedule to regularly clean or replace the filters, now is the time to start!

Thermostat Issues

Occasionally, a problem with temperature control with an industrial HVAC system has to do with the thermostat settings. We often come prepared to repair a system only to find employees have misunderstood the way the thermostat is meant to be set. While thermostats will break eventually, another component is generally responsible when something goes wrong. However, sometimes technicians find that a thermostat was not actually connected to the HVAC system at all!

Lack of Air Balancing

More often, trouble getting the temperature just right has to do with the air balancing on the property. The zoning in the ductwork may not be properly set up, causing some parts of the property to be warmer or cooler than others. A technician will have to take a look in the ducts and make precision adjustments to make air distribution even.

No Indoor Air Quality Control

A filter is not enough when it comes to indoor air quality on a large property. It can suffer from a lack of fresh air and ventilation, an excess of particulate in the air, chemical usage, and other pollutants. Failing to have indoor air quality control interferes quite a bit with your workplace, as people may call out of work more frequently. It’s worth it to contact an HVAC expert and learn about your options!

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