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Heat Pump or Furnace: Which Should You Choose?

Both furnaces and heat pumps are solutions to a constant problem—how to combat the chilly winter temperatures we’re dealing with every year. While it might not be as chilly for us as it is for our northern neighbors, that doesn’t mean cold temperatures aren’t uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. That’s why having a reliable heater is just as important for us as it is for anyone else!

Though, with many different types of heaters on the market today, how can you tell which heater will benefit your home the most? With so little time in the winter to test them out for effectiveness, it can be difficult choosing the right system, to say the least.

We’re going to discuss two different types of heaters—the furnace and the heat pump. Both function much differently than the other, but they provide essentially the same service at similar rates of efficiency. If your curiosity peaks during this post, make sure to call us for anything involving HVAC in Richmond Hill, GA.

Comparing the Two

Furnaces and heat pumps are completely different heating systems, but they’re both found and enjoyed fully in our area. To understand the differences between the two, we’ll need to discuss the intricacies of how they function.


Furnaces, either powered by gas or electricity, are effective heat-generating machines. A gas furnace, for instance, will consume natural gas that comes in from a pipeline and burn it in the heat exchanger to transfer the produced heat into your home’s air. The hot air then gets delivered through your home via the air ducts and vents that exist in each room. The exhaust that’s produced from the combustion process gets expelled out of your home through a separate vent.

Furnaces are incredibly efficient, with some models even reaching a 95% AFUE rating. They provide quality heating for an affordable cost, while also being some of the cheapest heating models in existence. When shopping for a reliable heater that many of your neighbors probably use, a furnace is a great investment.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps rely on a different concept. The science behind a heat pump is simple, moving heat from one area to another. Instead of a furnace, that must burn fuel or cycle electricity to produce heat, a heat pump cycles refrigerant that evaporates and condenses, bringing environmental heat along with it. That means a heat pump doesn’t create heat, but cycles heat from one location to another.

If you’re still following, this means that a heat pump can function as a satisfying heating system as well as a powerful air conditioner. The reversal switch on the heat pump means it can begin pumping heat in the opposite direction, pushing heat out of your home in the summer. While these systems run with an initial cost that’s higher than a furnace, they’re incredibly efficient and they can still be just as effective as a furnace in places with mild winters.

Choosing the Right Heater

In our climate, we’re lucky that we have both options available to us. Heat pumps and furnaces both provide quality heating for an affordable price, so you really can’t go wrong. That being said, make sure you talk to an HVAC service professional to know which system is right for your home.

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