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“Is My Air Conditioner a Dehumidifier?”

upright air conditioner blowing air--animatedNo, and in fact relying on an air conditioner to dehumidify your home does more harm than good. More on that below.

If you’ve lived in our area for even just a year, then you’re already well aware of how draining the effects of high humidity can be. If you have a highly-efficient, fully functioning air conditioning system, then you should definitely be grateful. But although this improves your comfort, it’s still not doing enough to give you long-lasting relief from summer weather.

A whole-house dehumidifier will do that for you. This system works with your air conditioner. Sure, you can rely on portable dehumidifiers placed strategically around your home, but this isn’t the same. The whole-house approach gives you better comfort, air quality, and energy savings.

Whole-House Dehumidification versus Air Conditioning

Without a dehumidifier, you could try running your air conditioner excessively in order to dehumidify your home, but you’ll wear out many of its components this way. Your AC system has to continuously cycle when trying to rid your home of this humidity, leading to premature failure in many cases.

Excessive moisture from humidity can also cause the AC system’s indoor coil to freeze, which is something that can harm the air conditioner by itself. A dehumidifier, however, helps prevent this as well as moisture overflow in the condensate drain (which could damage your home).

In addition to easing the strain on your air conditioner, a whole-house dehumidifier benefits you in the following ways:

It Saves You Money: As we alluded to above, running your air conditioner can dehumidify your home to an extent, but not without cost. Usually, to get any kind of dehumidification effect from your cooling system, you have to set the temperature lower than you are comfortable with. This removes moisture from the air, but it uses up unnecessary energy.

A dehumidifier allows you to set the temperature of your AC higher, and as a result costs less to run than an air conditioner. In fact, in many cases, on a day with milder temperatures, homeowners often find they can run the dehumidifier without turning on their air conditioner at all.

It Keeps You Comfortable: A whole-house dehumidifier is a great way to stay comfortable when humidity levels soar above what’s comfortable. It helps you and your family relax in your home, and it’s convenient, working alongside your air conditioner and allowing for control right from the thermostat.

This convenience and comfort is unmatched by portable dehumidifiers. Given where we live, homeowners with whole-house dehumidifiers are typically much more comfortable than those without.

It Improves Your Indoor Air Quality: Whole-house dehumidification improves the quality of the air in your home. High levels of moisture can lead you to feel overheated, since it’s more difficult for sweat to evaporate into the air. This isn’t the only health effect associated with high levels of water vapor in the air, either.

When humidity is too high, moisture builds up on the coils of your AC system, in the ducts, and throughout your property. This makes it likely for mold and mildew to develop. Running your dehumidifier, however, helps to defend against this, and therefore helps keep you healthy.

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