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Maintaining Your AC System Early Makes Things Easy

AC-repair-toolsHave you ever had to call a technician in for AC service in the middle of summer? If so, you know it’s not something you want to deal with any time in the near future. You have to pause what you are doing to make an appointment with a technician or call in for emergency service. You may have to skip out on plans while you wait, and your home is too hot for comfort in the meantime.

Instead, schedule air conditioning maintenance services with a qualified technician early on in the season. That way, you can clear up any potential issues early on, and you may benefit in other ways as well.

This Service Can Prevent an AC Breakdown

Often, a problem within an air conditioner in the spring or summer could have been prevented with a thorough inspection and maintenance early on. Scheduling an appointment with a technician before your air conditioner is really necessary, in the early spring or late winter, can greatly reduce your chances of AC issues when you really need the system.

For example, an electrical part may break down during AC operation in the summer, but a technician might have found this issue through voltage testing early on. Or, a problem may be caused by a clogged filter or dirty coil, something a trained technician would have caught beforehand.

How AC Maintenance Works

During a single maintenance appointment, a technician brings along a checklist to ensure a complete and thorough inspection and tune-up of your central air conditioner, heat pump, or ductless system. For example, they may:

  • Check the amp draw on motors
  • Clean the indoor coil
  • Test the heat pump’s reversing valve
  • Make adjustments to airflow
  • Check the fan belt
  • Clean the drain line

Any adjustments put your air conditioning system into much better shape than it was in before. However, if during an inspection a technician finds that bigger repairs are necessary, you will have to schedule those for another time. Still, this is preferable to an AC emergency when temperatures are nearing the triple digits.

Other Ways You Benefit

Maintaining your AC system as early on as possible means it’s a lot less likely you will run into issues through the spring and summer. But this isn’t the only way you benefit from AC maintenance.

You might find that your monthly bills drop after an AC maintenance visit, or after you make recommended repairs to the system. This is because when your air conditioner is in better shape, it is likely to run more efficiently. Besides, air conditioning systems may last longer if they receive regular tune-ups.

You Have to Make It a Routine

If you expect to keep reaping the benefits of routine AC maintenance, you must make it a routine. Routine AC maintenance means a longer system lifespan and more reliable and efficient performance year after year. We recommend signing up for a maintenance program from a reputable local AC company. That way, you get reminders for annual service, and additional money-saving benefits are often included.

Call AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. Inc. for air conditioning maintenance in Douglas, GA. We do quality work at a fair price.

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