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Savannah, GA & Hilton Head, SC


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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Heating Repair

tools-maintenance-repairNobody wants to buy something they don’t actually need. Of course, you need a heater to get through the coldest weather of winter. But do you need to schedule heating repair when you are not using your heater very often, or when the problem doesn’t seem very severe?

When you notice a problem with your heater, and it’s not an emergency situation, you might be tempted to wait a while before scheduling repairs. After all, you can save a little money if you deal with the problem for now and make that repair later…right? We don’t think this is a wise idea.

It Might Cost Even More Later On

The belief that waiting longer for heating repair will save you money now may not necessarily be true. In fact, there are many ways that waiting too long to schedule heating repair can hurt your finances.

  • When you run a heater with a broken component, it has to work harder to compensate for the loss. This can add to your energy and fuel costs, so you pay more and more the longer you wait.
  • All that extra strain on your heater means an additional component could wear out as well…so the heater costs more to fix when you finally do schedule repair.
  • The cost for an emergency heating repair is often more expensive than a planned repair you schedule in advance.

It May Break Down at the Least Convenient Time

When you have a heating system running with a broken component, it could wear out altogether and break down at the least convenient of times. You may be just settling in for the night when you notice the heat doesn’t come on, or it may be the coldest day of the year (when the heater is working hardest) that you don’t want to go without heating. Why take this risk?

Waiting May Be Dangerous

An even bigger risk comes with natural gas furnaces. Waiting to repair a problem can be dangerous. Of course, if you smell a gas leak, you should leave the home immediately and call the local utility company to come inspect the property. However, carbon monoxide leaks are not so obvious.

It’s possible for a malfunctioning furnace to be leaking carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless gas that is otherwise not easily detected. Homeowners may not find out about it until a technician comes to check on the system…or until people in the house start to get sick.

When to Call for Heater Repair

We recommend calling a technician the moment you notice a problem. If it seems like no big deal, it’s still worth it to make an appointment to have someone check on the problem. You can schedule the appointment in advance, on your own time, instead of waiting for an emergency to happen and your system to break down.

Times in which you should set up that appointment include any of the following signs and symptoms of trouble.

  • Odd noises coming from the heater.
  • The system has trouble starting up (hard starting).
  • Cycles are shorter than usual.
  • Low temperatures.

As soon as you notice a problem, make an appointment for heater repair in Savannah, GA with AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. Inc.

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