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The Smell of a Malfunctioning Heater

It’s that time of year where we not only turn our heaters on for the first time, but really start depending on them. Night after night things are only going to get chillier, and it’s going to be up to our heating systems to keep us cozy and comfortable in our beds. Our pets, whether they’re cats or dogs, depend on this heater as well since they don’t get the snuggly body warmth that we do in our cozy beds. Basically, at this point, a malfunctioning heater should be noticeable.

However, a furnace that needs heating repair in Rincon, GA isn’t always going to be noticeable by the noises or the heating bill. Sometimes it will emit a funky smell that you catch a whiff of. If it’s the kind of smell that makes your hair stand on end and you get goosebumps, then keep reading. Some smells are not to be ignored and if you care about the lifespan of your heating system, you’ll call us for help.

The First Scent of the Season

If you’re smelling the scent of burning dust coming from your heater when you first turn it on, don’t be alarmed. Many heaters emit this kind of smell when they first turn on for the season, specifically because so much dust has settled inside the system from the last couple months of inactivity. If this scent wafts through your home’s air for the first few minutes of operation, then there’s really no need to be alarmed.

However, if this smell persists, or you start to pick up on some different smells that might not make you think of burning dust, then there could absolutely be something wrong. Take a look at the smells below that could spell disaster for your system.

Prolonged Burning Smell

If that burning smell we mentioned earlier lasts longer than the first few minutes when you turn your system on, then there could be something wrong. Often times, if parts aren’t lubricated correctly, or if your system is not well-maintained, then metal parts could be grinding against one another, causing a burning smell to emit from the system. There could be too much dust in the unit that’s being burned, which is also a signal that there’s something wrong with your air filter. Either way, call us for help if you’re noticing this persisting smell.

Gas Leak

While gas leaks aren’t supposed to happen in a furnace, they can definitely occur after years of neglect. If your home smells like leaking gas, then we advise you to turn the system off, go outside, and call for help. This is nothing to scoff at, and this situation can quickly turn serious if you’re not careful.

Burnt Rubber

Sometimes rubber belts will start fraying, causing a burnt rubber smell to emit from your furnace or other type of heating system. While it’s not as much of an emergency as a gas leak, it’s still something that needs to be addressed by a professional.

Physical Discomfort

How can you tell that carbon monoxide is leaking from your furnace? Well, you won’t be able to smell it, but you will be able to notice some side-effects. If you’re suffering from nausea, fatigue, problems with your memory, headaches, or other mental maladies that are concerning, make sure you turn your system off, call for help, and see a doctor. These could be the first and most important signs of a carbon monoxide leak.

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