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The Benefits of a Packaged Air Conditioning System

Monday, June 1st, 2015

The traditional split system air conditioner is perhaps the most popular type of AC installed in homes, but it is by no means the only type. The outdoor components of a conventional air conditioner help the refrigerant to gain pressure and dissipate heat, while the indoor components absorb heat from the indoor air and return cool air back to the home. But in a packaged air conditioner, all of these components are located in the same place—a single outdoor packaged unit, often placed on the rooftop.

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The Function of Modular Units in Commercial Air Conditioning

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Whenever someone thinks of commercial air conditioning, it brings to mind gigantic metal boxes sitting on tarmac or on top of a roof. This image isn’t incorrect – but new innovations have led to better, more efficient commercial air conditioning that no longer requires an enormous AC. One of these new innovations is the modular commercial air conditioner, and it can be a great option for those needing commercial air conditioning in Savannah.

It’s important to call a commercial air conditioning specialist like AAction Air when considering a modular system as the installation is very different from a residential installation.

What Is Modular Air Conditioning?

Modular air conditioning is a commercial air conditioning system that delivers the cooling needed for large, commercial spaces, that has a level of flexibility not found with large, singular rooftop commercial systems. As the name indicates, modular air conditioning comes in separate pieces that can be installed easily and indoors. Each unit is designed to cool a specific amount of space; if more cooling is required, another module can be added; if less cooling is required, a module can be turned off. Modular commercial air conditioning brings a level of efficiency and flexibility to commercial air conditioning that hasn’t been accessible before.

What Are the Benefits of Modular Air Conditioning?

Here are some of the benefits our AAction Air modular air conditioning customers have seen:

  • No expensive rigging, equipment or permits required
  • No rooftop penetration required
  • No field piping, evacuation or charging (charging is done in the configuration stage)
  • No worries about outdoor air conditioner damage from severe weather events
  • No major ductwork or electrical modifications are required
  • No exterior condensing unit required
  • Very adaptable system
  • Very space-saving
  • Efficient

Why Consider a Modular Air Conditioner?

There are several reasons to consider a modular air conditioner for your commercial space:

  • Energy efficiency – with modular air conditioning, you are able to control what areas receive cooling. For instance, if you have a property with multiple independent business spaces, and one of those spaces is temporarily empty, you can turn off the cooling to that space, saving you energy and money.
  • Flexibility – let’s say you have a property that needs an expansion due to growth. With a modular air conditioner, cooling that new space will only require the addition of another module.
  • Easy installation – each module is delivered fully completed, including refrigerant charging. In addition, because the system comes in separate pieces, installation can occur outside of business hours and on weekends, creating far less disturbance to businesses and employees. Lastly, cooling during installation won’t be interrupted.
  • Wide range of loads – modular air conditioners can handle cooling loads from 12 to 70 tons

Considering a Modular Commercial Air Conditioner? Call an Expert

A modular air conditioning system may be the perfect solution for your Savannah commercial air conditioning needs – but to know for sure, you should work with an expert. Call AAction Air today and schedule an appointment to talk to one of our experts about your commercial air conditioning in Savannah.

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The Purpose of Modular Units in Commercial Air Conditioning

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Here in Bluffton, commercial air conditioning systems are a common sight among our offices and retail stores. They operate according to the same basic principles as residential air conditioning systems – cycling refrigerant gas through a series of valves and coils — but utilize different organizational methods to deliver it. Specifically, they use modular units, often placed on the rooftop, while most residences use just a single centralized unit. The purpose of modular units in commercial air conditioning goes a long way towards explaining these differences.

Every air conditioner in the world has a specific power load: the amount of cooling power it can generate. That power needs to be carefully balanced against the needs of the building to which the air conditioner is attached. If it’s not powerful enough, it won’t cool the air properly. If it’s too powerful, it will cycle on and off repeatedly, increasing strain far more than it should.

With residential homes, sizing isn’t usually a problem. The needs of the space remain more or less unchanged regardless of who’s living there, and as long as the system is properly sized, nothing more needs to be done. But commercial systems require a lot more flexibility. Occupants come and go as the needs of their business shift and new residents may have much different cooling needs than old ones. For instance, an office that has a huge amount of computers requires extensive cooling, while one that specializes in storage might need only a fraction of that cooling power.

Modular systems allow the building to adjust to those needs without replacing the entire system. If your cooling needs increase, you simply connect a new modular unit to the existing system. If your power needs drop, you can disconnect a single unit without disabling the rest of the system. It makes a lot of sense, both in practical terms and when looking at the bottom line for operating costs.

For more on the purpose of modular units in commercial air conditioning, or to discuss installation options, call on the experts at AAction Air.

We operate throughout Bluffton, commercial air conditioning systems are part of our service, and we won’t rest until you are 100% satisfied with our work. Call us today!

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