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Can I Have Two Heaters?

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Okay sure, installing two heaters may sound a bit overboard. But actually, the truth of the matter is that having two different heaters can actually make your home more energy efficient. But how?

It’s called dual-fuel hybrid heating, which combines an electric heat pump with a traditional furnace to maximize your home’s energy efficiency during the winter. Installing a dual-fuel heating system in your home can definitely be a worthwhile investment, especially if you are dealing with an especially cold winter. Below, we have outlined what these systems are and what the benefits are. Keep reading to learn more. 

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The Advantages of Dual Fuel Hybrid Systems

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Heat pumps offer both heating and cooling for your home, but there can be some concern as to whether or not a heat pump can adequately heat your home during very cold days. The reason for this is that, during the winter, heat pumps absorb the heat around them to provide heating for your home, and the lower the outside temperature, the less heat is available. As such, when the temperature drops below 32 degrees, heat pumps have to work harder, and may struggle a bit to heat your home as needed. But there is a simple solution for this, particularly if you are considering a new system: the installation of a dual-fuel hybrid system in Bluffton. A dual fuel system uses a heat pump as the main source for heating, but has a gas furnace back-up to provide heat for very cold days. Our NATE-certified technicians have all the expertise needed for any heating installation, so call AAction Air today.

How Does a Hybrid System Work?

As mentioned above, the main source for heating (and cooling) is the heat pump. The heat pump is equipped with an outdoor temperature sensor that works in conjunction with a dual-fuel thermostat. As the homeowner, you set a temperature for the outside sensor that tells the system when to switch to the gas furnace for heating. This set-point temperature should be a few degrees above freezing. There is a second temperature set that tells the system when to switch back to the heat pump for heating.

Benefits of Hybrid Systems

  • Heating and cooling – with a hybrid system, you can still gain the benefit of having both heating and cooling in your home using one device (heat pump)
  • Energy efficiency – heat pumps are very energy efficient, and your use of gas will most likely be minimal, given our semi-moderate winter temperatures
  • No worries about heat – with the gas furnace, you won’t have to worry about not having enough heat, no matter how cold it gets outside

Our winters don’t get as cold as they do further north, which is why a heat pump is a good choice for homeowners in our area. But for those days that do get especially cold, the installation of a dual-fuel hybrid system in Bluffton ensures you’ll have plenty of heat.

For more information on dual fuel hybrid systems, call AAction Air today and schedule an appointment with one of our installation specialists.

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