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How to Tell Your Ductwork Needs Replacement

Monday, November 14th, 2016

If you live in the Nichols, GA area, you use your air conditioner most of the year. But right about now is when we all get a much-needed break from the heat. That makes the fall season a great time of year to do something about major problems within your HVAC system.

Collapsed and damaged ductwork deserve attention, so that you get more efficient heating and cooling and so that your system doesn’t need to work so hard to keep you comfortable. So how can you tell your ducts need replacement?

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Reasons You May Need Ductwork Replacement

Monday, August 11th, 2014

The ductwork inside the walls and ceilings of a home need to maintain an airtight seal in order to properly circulate conditioned air throughout the living spaces. The ducts, made of sheet metal, plastic, and/or ductboard must remain in top condition or they will begin to leak and create drop in air pressure. This will both reduce the quality of the heating and cooling from the air conditioner and heater, and allow contamination into the ventilation system that will lower your indoor air quality.

Ducts will need occasional repairs and sealing to stop air leaks. There are some cases, however, when the best route is to schedule replacement of the ductwork. We’ll look at some of the reasons you may wish to arrange for ductwork replacement in Atlanta, GA.

Replacing damaged ductwork, as well as adding ducts, requires trained technicians with knowledge of indoor air quality. AAction Air has duct replacement specialists on staff who offer the work necessary to keep your ventilation system in good shape to protect your comfort systems and indoor air quality.

Why you may need ductwork replacement

  • Aging ducts: For older homes, ducts can begin to deteriorate from age, weakening at the joints and possibly developing corrosion. When leaks in ductwork become common, it’s best to leave aside simple sealing repairs and instead have the ducts replaced with newer and more durable material.
  • Poor original installation or repair work: The previous owner of your home may have had amateur installation for the ducts, or resorted to shoddy DIY repair work. This will mean extremely inefficient ducts built with too many bends and dead ends, or leaky connections that will cause numerous problems. You will need skilled professionals to replace the amateur-quality duct installation and repairs so you have a ventilation system made with integrity.
  • To update ductwork: Ventilation systems were once entirely composed of sheet metal, but today flexible plastic ducts and ductboard have become common for homes because of their lightweight material, adaptability, and resistance to damage from corrosion. Duct replacement will take outdated material and put in new ducts that will benefit airflow.
  • To expand the ventilation system: When you upgrade your heating and cooling system to a unit that is more powerful or efficient, it may also require that you upgrade the ductwork as well to help with even distribution, better airflow, and access to more areas of the house.

Thanks to the ductwork design and ductwork replacement in Atlanta, GA from AAction Air, you can have all these above problems solved.

Call us today if you have an inefficient and ineffective ventilation system in your home that needs professional indoor air quality solutions.

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