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Early AC Repairs for This Year

Monday, January 10th, 2022

Temperatures aren’t exactly scorchingly hot right now, which means that it can be hard to remember that your air conditioner is going to need some help to fight against the heat this year. With a new year comes new resolutions, and we hope that improving your comfort and energy efficiency is one of those!

We’re big proponents of tackling problems directly and early, so we want to talk today about why air conditioning service in Skidaway Island, GA might be a good idea early this year. When we say early, we mean in the next few months so that your AC is ready and willing to provide your home with comfortable temperatures come the hot summer that we know is unavoidable.

Our team has more scheduling time and available technicians to help you with your AC needs during this season, so we urge you to nip this in the bud early!

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How Does a Heat Pump Heat?

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Gas heating systems use the combustion of natural gas to generate heat. While this may be the most common of whole-home heating systems, it’s not the best choice for every home. Electric heating systems can be highly efficient, if you choose the right one. Many electric heating systems use electric resistance to heat up coils as a fan blows warm air over them. While these can be efficient, the amount of electricity necessary to keep you warm comes at a high cost on your monthly bills.

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3 Highly Efficient Air Conditioning Installation Options

Monday, October 5th, 2015

Energy efficiency is a major concern for homeowners these days. As we learn more about how our energy choices affect the environment, we begin to see the importance of choosing high-efficiency appliances, vehicles, and systems. Besides, the less energy your home systems use, the more money you save overall! If it’s time for an AC upgrade, take a look at 3 systems that can help you to save money on cooling costs for the life of the system (in this case, many years).

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Water Leaks from the Air Conditioner: Why It Happens

Monday, August 17th, 2015

One of the most common problems air conditioning technicians are called out to deal with on a daily basis is a leaky air conditioner. When water leaks from an air conditioner, it can cause major damage to your home, and it’s another mess to clean up after. If you’re curious as to why this happens and what you can do to manage the problem, read on or call our technicians for more information.

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Air Conditioning: Cooling Your Home Efficiently

Monday, April 8th, 2013

As the temperature begins to rise in Savannah, GA, homeowners are looking for ways to make their air conditioning more efficient. As the ratio between energy input and cooling output, efficiency is a complex measurement that depends upon the condition and quality of your AC unit itself, ductwork, home insulation, and other factors as well. Cooling your home efficiently can therefore require several different aspects of the system working cooperatively. For a range of air conditioning services in Savannah, GA that can help improve efficiency, call AAction Air today!

Let’s take a look at some ways you can make sure that you’re cooling your home efficiently:

  • Clean or replace your air filter. While this is one of the easiest ways to improve the efficiency and performance of your air conditioning, it is often overlooked. Routine inspection of your air filter during peak usage times will probably reveal it to be covered in dust and debris. This eventually begins to hamper airflow, and if it becomes clogged, then it can actually damage your system.
  • Enroll in a maintenance program. It’s never too early or too late to enroll in a program of routine maintenance. There is no substitute for professional care. A biannual or annual visit offers comprehensive inspection and cleaning services. It will help you improve your energy efficiency as well as extend the life of your air conditioning system.
  • Upgrade. If you have to repair your air conditioner frequently, or if it is getting older, you should consider upgrading to a more recent model. Doing so can often make much more financial sense than continuing to repair an obsolete model. By investing in your future cooling comfort with a new central air or ductless mini split, you can ensure that your money is well spent.

These are just a few of the many ways to improve the energy efficiency of your air conditioner for this upcoming spring and summer months. To learn more about air conditioning efficiency in Savannah, GA, call the experts at AAction Air today! 

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Tips to Improve Furnace Efficiency in Your Home

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Think of how much you use your furnace during the winter in Savannah. You probably use it every day to keep warm. That’s why many people are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their furnace. We thought that it would be helpful for our customers in Savannah if we put together a short list of some ways to improve the efficiency of their furnace this winter.

Check the Insulation in Your Savannah Home

Insulation is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to heat loss. When you spend money buying the fuel to heat your home, you want to make sure that you keep as much of it in your home as possible. That’s exactly what insulation is designed to do. But if you have old or deteriorating insulation, you might be leaking heat. The first place to check is your attic. The floor of the attic is the ceiling of your home. As heat rises, it will leak through your ceiling and into the attic. Check the insulation on the floor of the attic to see if it is thin or if there are gaps between it and the ceiling joists.

Check the Ducts

The ducts in your home are like the veins of your furnace. They carry the heat to each of the rooms that need it. If your ducts are old, there may holes or cracks in them. As the heated air travels through the ducts, it can start to leak out through the gaps. Also, over time your ducts can shift and form unnecessary bends and pinches. This can reduce the efficiency of your furnace because it makes it harder for the furnaces to push the air through the ducts.

Regular Maintenance

One of the best ways to make sure that your furnace is working at peak efficiency is to have it regularly maintained by a professional heating technician. With regular maintenance, small repairs can be caught early before they turn into large, expensive repairs. During a maintenance visit to your home in Savannah, the technician will also replace any worn parts like fan belts and lubricate other moving parts like fan bearings. All of these things can potentially increase the overall efficiency of your furnace system.

If you’re interested in having professional maintenance performed on your furnace in Savannah, then call the experts at AAction Air. We would love to help you increase the efficiency and extend the life of your furnace. Give us a call today!

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Ductless Split Heating Question: Is Ductless Right for My Home?

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

For new Pooler, GA homeowners or those replacing their heating and cooling system for the first time the amount of home comfort system options on the market can be overwhelming. There has been a lot of innovation in the field these past years, and even for professionals it can be difficult to keep track of. We’ve decided to provide you with some useful information about one of these option that you may not be familiar with, though have probably encountered before.

What is a Ductless Mini Split Heating System?

Whether you hear them called ductless split systems or ductless mini splits they are actually one and the same. A ductless split heating and cooling system is comprised of two main components: the condenser unit, which contains the noisy parts of the system, is installed outside. Individual air handlers are installed in your home and disperse air directly into the rooms in which they are installed. There is no ductwork required, as the two components are connected by a simple conduit contain power, refrigerant and sometimes drainage lines. Thermostats are used to regulate temperature and air delivery.

Benefits of Ductless Split Heating and Cooling Systems

You’ve probably seen split heating and cooling systems in hotel rooms before, with the air handler built into the wall. Because the air handling units are installed individually in your home and are not connected by ductwork it is easy to heat and cool rooms individually. All you need are multiple thermostats to control the temperature of each zone.

This added control that the creation of temperature zones provides can help you boost the energy efficiency of heating and cooling your home as well. After all, there’s no reason to heat or cool rooms that are not in use. If you’re cooking dinner you can turn down the heat in that zone only to take advantage of the oven’s radiant heat. Shortly before bed lower the temperatures downstairs and begin warming the bedrooms for the night. With the right thermostat you can start cutting down on your energy use and the cost of heating and cooling your home easily.

Ductless mini split systems are a great option for homes that cannot accommodate bulky ductwork or for those that simply do not want the added cost of a ductwork installation. Plus, with a ductless mini split heating system you do not experience the heat loss associated with ductwork systems. There’s no need to worry about damage to your ducts or poor insulation when you eliminate them from the equation.

Let AAction Air Help Decide if Going Ductless is the Right Choice for Your Home

If ductless split heating sounds like an option you’re interested in call AAction Air for more information. Our Pooler, GA heating technicians have all the information you need to make the right decision. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns we can help with.

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Heating Question: Why is Heating Maintenance Important?

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Despite the insistence of countless professionals in the industry, many people still question the importance of home heating system maintenance. AAction Air wants to stress the fact that there is in fact no better way to ensure that your Savannah home’s heating system provides you with reliable, efficient home heating performance than with regular professional maintenance. We’ve gathered some information we’d like to share with you to help explain why this is.

Pre-Season Maintenance and Tune-ups

In Georgia you may use your air conditioner more frequently than your heating system, but that does not mean that your heating system is any less important or that it does not require annual maintenance. Actually, the very fact that your home heating system may go unused for stretches of time makes it all the more pertinent that it receives professional maintenance before being put into regular use.

Your heating system does not need to run in order to collect dirt and debris in its mechanical parts. You vacuum your floors and change filters in your air conditioner, so why would you assume that your heating system is exempt from the pollutants in your home. Dirt buildup is a leading cause of heating system break down, and one that is easily avoided with professional maintenance. Having your system inspected before regular use each year, even if it is only going to be used occasionally, ensures that all components of the system are clean and in good operating condition. Forcing any machine to operate in poor condition only increases the likelihood of further problems and more frequent – and costly – repairs.

Another reason that maintenance is so important is it allows any inefficiency to be rectified before they can cost you money during the operation of your heating system. Fuel sources, such as the natural gas or electricity, will be inspected for proper connection, an efficiency and safety concern. Ductwork will receive attention to make sure that your energy, as well as the money you paid for it, does not simply get lost along the way to its destination. A number of other maintenance checkpoints will also be addressed, and that brings us to our next point.

Maintenance Involves More Than You May Expect

The number of areas in which your home heating system may go awry might surprise you. There are plenty of opportunities for energy loss and inefficiency, as well as for damages to sneak up. Professional maintenance addresses these potential problem spots, with tasks including:

  • Thermostat inspection and calibration
  • Electrical connection inspection for proper voltage and current
  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Control system checks
  • Gas and oil supply line inspections
  • Gas pressure readings
  • Burner combustion and heat exchanger evaluations

These are undertakings that only a professional maintenance provider can complete with confidence. Call AAction Air today if you still have any questions about the relevance and pertinence of home heating system maintenance.

Let AAction Air Handle Your Home Heating System Maintenance Service

Don’t neglect your heating system. The key to efficient, effective and, most importantly, safe heating performance truly is regular, professional maintenance. Call AAction Air to schedule your heating maintenance visit today!

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Heating Guide: Important Heater Safety Tips

Monday, November 19th, 2012

A reliable, efficient and effective home heating system is an important part of keeping your Hilton Head Island home comfortable. Like any other system in your home, though, it must be used properly to ensure both dependable and, more importantly, safe operation. Here are some important heater safety tips from the Hilton Head Island heating experts at AAction Air. Enjoy the comfort that your heater brings to your home safely.

  • Keep combustibles or any materials that can burn away from heating equipment. It doesn’t matter if you use a fireplace, wood stove, portable space heater or a gas furnace. When heat is present there is always the possibility of fire. Keep the area clear and heat your home safely.
  • Do not use your oven to heat your home. It may be an easy way to heat up a drafty kitchen or seem like a good heating supplement, but ovens were not designed to serve as radiant heaters. Save it for cooking dinner.
  • Keep kids away from heaters. They may not realize the potential for burns that hot surfaces present. Inform your kids of the danger that heaters and heating elements can present (this applies to ovens as well!).
  • Always let a Hilton Head Island heating professional handle any repairs or maintenance service that your home heater needs. Attempting any do-it-yourself projects on your heater creates the opportunity for malfunction, which can lead to the need for expensive repair or the potential for danger.
  • Keep up with regular maintenance. Operating a heating system that is not in good working condition not only puts unnecessary strain and wear and tear on your heater but can lead to dangerous conditions.
  • Always turn off portable heaters when leaving the house or even the room. Don’t place them in a spot where anything may fall over them. Space heaters are convenient, but left unsupervised can be quite dangerous.
  • Stick to the intended fuel source. Never make any substitutions. It’s better to be a little chilly until you can get more fuel than to create a dangerous heating environment.
  • Always use a guard screen or doors when burning wood in your fireplace. A fire is very relaxing and a great heat source, but popping embers and shifting logs can cause a fire easily. Make sure ashes are extinguished and, again, keep the kids away.

We hope that these tips are useful to you. Everyone deserves to be warm and comfortable in their home. Keep things safe, enjoy the cold weather, and call AAction Air with anyone heating concerns you have.

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Heat Pump Question: How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Monday, October 29th, 2012

If you’re looking for an innovative, efficient and sustainable way to heat and cool your Hilton Head home, call AAction Air to learn about the benefits of a heat pump installation in your home. Heat pumps can heat and cool your home much like a conventional central air system, but they do so in a much more efficient and eco-friendly way. If going green is a priority for you, a heat pump may be the solution you’re looking for.

The Heat Transfer Principle

Unlike conventional heating and cooling systems, heat pumps do not consume a fuel source in order to create energy. Rather, they use ambient heat and transfer it, using only a small amount of electricity, into or out of your home. When it is cold inside a heat pump will move heat indoors, and when the temperatures rise it will remove excess heat from your home. This allows for sustainable, affordable and efficient heating and cooling of your home.

Types of Heat Pumps to Consider

There are a number of heat pump options available in Hilton Head. AAction Air thinks that consumers ought to be informed, so we’ve collected some information about the various heat pump options out there to help you in the selection process. If you have any further questions about any of these models or their operation, feel free to call AAction Air for more information.

  • Air Source Heat Pumps absorb heat from the air in their operation. Because air is highly susceptible to fluctuations in temperature it is important to consider the climate in your area to ensure that your heat pump will operate effectively. If necessary a second form of heat can supplement the heat pump.
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps involve burying a loop system in the ground or in a body of water on your property. The loop system absorbs heat from the ground or water source for use in your home, and again the process is easily reversed for cooling service. These heat pumps are more effective and versatile than air source heat pumps because the depth at which the loops are buried has a much more constant temperature. There are a lot of factors to consider and your land must be evaluated before it can be decided that a geothermal heat pump system is right for your home.

Call AAction Air Today for More Heat Pump Information

This has been only a brief introduction to the operation of heat pumps. If you’re interested in learning more about the installation, repair and maintenance processes, call AAction Air today. We are happy to help you decide if a heat pump is the right choice for you and your personal home cooling needs.

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