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The Three Major Contaminants an Air Purifier Eliminates

It should be no secret at this point that air purifiers target and eliminate contaminants. Where things get lost in the weeds is when homeowners are trying to figure out which kind of particles and contaminants a UV air purifier is seeking to target.

We’re going to use some helpful science and really get into how exactly an air purifier in Douglas, GA is going to help your indoor air. We’ll talk about the specific types of contaminants it can eliminate and how this process occurs. After this blog post, you’ll be an expert in contamination and air purification!

For more information, or to schedule an appointment to have your air quality tested and a UV air purifier system installed, contact our team. We can help you find a suitable air quality system that will either filter, purify, or improve the comfort of your indoor air. It’s just that simple!

1. Viruses

We decided to put viruses at the top of this list because of how close to home it might be. It’s impossible to tune into the news these days and not learn a new thing or two about viruses spreading throughout our community. We’re not going to try and talk to anyone about the risks associated with any viruses, instead, we’re going to focus on how an air purifier actively helps with eliminating viruses from your home.

Viruses are able to infect a host and spread through reproduction. Bacteria can do this as well, but it functions a little bit differently than viruses. Thankfully, an air purifier gets at one of the most important viral functions and stops it in its tracks—reproduction.

By irradiating a virus cell that passes through the system with UV light, an air purifier can cause a virus to be unable to reproduce for the foreseeable future. This means that it might be inhaled or ingested by an unsuspecting victim, but it won’t be able to infect you and reproduce. Isn’t that neat?

2. Bacteria

While viruses and bacteria infect and reproduce in similar ways, it’s important to talk about the major differences in how they relate to our home. Bacteria grows everywhere in the world, and unlike viruses that are more unique in their strains and types, bacteria can be in your food, your air, and even in your own stomach. Having a proper diet with vitamin C can be a huge boon in fighting off a bacterial infection.

However, don’t forget that a UV air purifier does the same thing to a bacteria cell that it does to a viral cell, which renders it harmless!

3. Mold and Mildew

Mold is a tricky one. Both mold and mildew are organisms that propagate through cells that are ejected into the air. Mold infestations are always trying to find a new, dark, and damp place in your home to reproduce and start anew.

With a UV air purifier, any mold or mildew spores that travel through your air will be irradiated and eliminated by the purifier. This means that you’ll still need to clean mold infestations where you see them in your home, but they won’t reproduce as effectively and will be unable to grow substantially.

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