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4 Unusual Reasons Air Conditioners Need Repair

technicians-assess-air-conditionerIs your air conditioner in need of repair? You might be surprised to find that the problem is something you wouldn’t expect. In fact, sometimes an air conditioning problem surprises us, too. Whether it’s creatures in the AC unit or a repair for a system a homeowner didn’t know they had, these are some of the unusual AC repairs we come across.

Contact our experts to get your air conditioner back into shape. We can help with any of these repairs, and the common ones as well!

Critters in the Unit

When an air conditioner’s outside unit is having trouble, we often assume there is dirt along the condenser coil that is responsible for heat dispersal. This would interfere with the heat exchange process, leading to a number of cooling problems within the home.

Sometimes, however, we find out that it’s much more than dirt and debris. In some cases, a critter has crawled into the outdoor unit of the air conditioner and, unfortunately, passed. Sometimes, we find insect infestations or rodents living in the outdoor condenser unit. And in some cases, there have been living snakes in the AC unit!

A Ductless Air Handler Peeling from the Wall

If you have a ductless air conditioner, you have a way to get air and heat into the home without worrying about renovating your home. There is an outdoor condenser unit, and only a small hole is needed to connect the refrigerant line to indoor air handlers mounted high up on the wall. However, a poor mount and other environmental issues can cause a unit to peel from the wall.

A Broken Reversing Valve

The reversing valve is actually a component found on heat pumps. A heat pump is an air conditioning and heating system in one that uses refrigeration for both processes. Refrigerant moves heat from the indoor air to the outside for air conditioning, and reverses direction to move heat in for heating. The reversing valve makes it possible for refrigerant to change direction.

Sometimes, this valve simply gets stuck. Many people think it’s the thermostat that’s broken, when it’s actually a valve inside of the system that’s keeping your all-in-one system in heating mode. What makes this repair so unusual? Often, homeowners with this problem never realized they had a heat pump!

The Air Conditioner Is Sinking

This one may seem a little crazy. But it’s something that happens, and it’s not because of an earthquake or another natural event. The outside unit of your air conditioner sits on a concrete pad, and it may simply settle into the earth with time.

Leveling the concrete pad may be as simple as packing some sand underneath it, but you may need to replace it instead. Call a technician for advice on how to get the AC unit back into place and get the condenser unit up and running like it’s supposed to.

AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. Inc. offers air conditioning repair in Douglas, GA. Allow us to do a quality job at a fair price!

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