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Wait, a Heat Pump Can Heat My Home as Well?

The last time we spoke, we were talking about air conditioners. While temperatures might have dropped substantially since then, we’re still technically talking about air conditioners. Or, rather, air conditioners that can heat your home as well.

Most homeowners that own heat pumps know that their system can also heat their home. However, those who are just starting to look at the field of new heaters for their home might not know this bit of information. In fact, they might be confused as to how an air conditioning system could heat their home!

Well, fear not. Heating in Rincon, GA is our specialty and so are heat pumps. We’re going to talk about the technical aspect of heat pumps and how they can heat your home. Keep bills low, efficiency levels high, and your home comfortable this winter with a heat pump!

Heat Pumps: How They Work

Before we talk about whether or not a heat pump would be a great heating system for you, we need to talk about how it works. Don’t run away, it’s actually a lot less complicated than you might think.

Air conditioners work by running refrigerant to and from an evaporator coil and a condenser coil. By pressurizing this refrigerant and causing it to continuously evaporate and condense, you’re drawing in heat and dispersing it somewhere else. This means an air conditioning system can draw in the heat of your home and let it out outside, which keeps you cool and comfortable. This process even dehumidifies your home so you can feel dry on the muggiest of days.

Heat pumps work the same way, except that they can work in reverse. Heat can be drawn out of the atmosphere outdoors through the same evaporation process, and then the refrigerant can disperse that heat inside your home. This process is incredibly efficient because, unlike a furnace that creates new heat through combustion, you’re just moving heat from one location to another!

Quality, Efficient Heating

Heat pumps don’t provide any less heating than a furnace does. In fact, they tend to work incredibly efficiently in our neck of the woods. That’s because heat pumps can more easily draw heat from the atmosphere during mild winters where temperatures aren’t so extreme. While 32 degrees might seem extremely cold to us, someone in Michigan or Vermont would likely call that mild.

This means that our chilly temperatures in Georgia can be easily dealt with by a heat pump.

New Technology, New Solutions

Too many homeowners are just too hesitant about new technology to switch over to heat pumps. The truth of the matter is that this aversion could be costing homeowners money every year, and heat pumps aren’t exactly “new technology” anymore. We want to try and raise awareness of this kind of system, and help homeowners in our area understand that they’re not just a fancy type of electric furnace.

Don’t let this attitude become the new normal. If your home could use a new air conditioner and a new heater, why not fit both systems into one by using a heat pump! By calling our team, we’ll answer all your remaining heat pump questions and talk about the most affordable way to get you set up with one.

Allow us to do a quality job at a fair price. Call AAction Air Conditioing & Heating Co. Inc.

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