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What’s the Perfect Heating Temperature?

Imagine a world where your heating system can only heat your home to a certain temperature with no fluctuation. Your home would be frustratingly uncomfortable, your thermostat would be practically useless, and you’d probably be looking for alternatives to a standard heater. Luckily, that little bit of customization allows us to change the temperature in our homes and keep things comfortable to our own standards.

However, this also leaves some room for inefficiency. At least with the first scenario, you never have to worry about your heating system running inefficiently. Now, you’ll never quite know if you’re running the system too high or too low, and you could wait years before it starts to impact your home’s efficiency.

First of all, any problems that are causing a decline in efficiency can be fixed with heating repair in Savannah, GA. And for everyone else, here’s a guide on proper temperature setting in your home.

There’s No Perfect Temperature

Do you remember the old fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? It’s a perfect analogy to use for this situation, because after all, Goldilocks has to taste each bowl of porridge to find out if it’s the right temperature. We never actually find out what that temperature is because it all relies on her temperature preference!

So, let’s talk about where your “Goldilocks” temperature might be, and how that might affect your efficiency.

Heating Preferences

Don’t ever put other priorities above your own heating preferences. Don’t forget that this is your home. You should keep it the temperature that you want and nobody should be able to tell you otherwise.

However, if that desired temperature is 80 degrees throughout the whole year then you might run into some serious problems with your heater. Try to temper your expectations with your home efficiency and heating preferences. Experiment with the thermostat and find the temperature setting that you’re fine with.

Keeping Things Warm Enough to Avoid Damage

Many clever homeowners think they can set temperatures so low that they’ll barely have to pay heating costs at all. While this sounds like a good idea in theory, it never works out the way you think. Your furniture and home could get damaged from the influx of cold and dry weather that comes from the outside.

Also, your plumbing system could get damaged as pipes begin to freeze and anything containing water starts to expand and rupture under the pressure.

The Preferences of Your Pets and Children

Don’t forget to take into account the preferences of those in your home who can’t quite speak! Pets and children needs to be kept comfortable, and they won’t be able to tell you if things are too cold or warm. Make sure your pets have a warm bed to snuggle in and your children are bundled up if temperatures are a little cooler than normal.

Our Recommendation

The truth is that there is no “optimal” heating temperature we can give you. All we can tell you is that your heater should be able to operate in a comfortable zone while also running efficiently. If it’s not, then we highly advise you to call us for heating system repairs. We can get the job done and set things right in your home.

Call AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. Inc.Allow us to do a quality job at a fair price!

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