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Why You Could Use a Dual Fuel Hybrid System

Nobody gets a dual fuel hybrid heating system because it looks cool. If it was economically or situationally effective, we would just hook every one of our customers up with a heat pump and call it a day.

However, heat pumps are not always as effective and affordable as they may seem throughout the year. When temperatures begin to drop below what a heat pump can handle, you’ll start to feel the difference and it won’t make you very happy. While we love heat pump HVAC in Savannah, GA we don’t want homeowners purchasing a system that won’t make keep them content. That’s why we offer dual fuel hybrid systems.

These systems contain the efficiency and year-round versatility of a heat pump, with the power and effective heating potential of a furnace, mixing it all into one system.

Nope, we’re not making this up. Keep reading to see if a dual fuel system is right for you!

Efficiency and Comfort Together

That’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it? Every homeowner wants a heater that will cost them less money and preserve energy while keeping them warm and cozy during the winter. That’s the idea behind a dual-fuel system.

Dual fuel systems combine the efficiency and year-round power of a heat pump with the powerful warmth created by a furnace. It’s two systems wrapped in one package that can save an extraordinary amount of money without you shivering for half of the winter.


Having the benefits of both systems means you have access to more versatility than you would with one or the other. If you’re experiencing a mild winter and you know you’ll only require a little bit of heat to keep your home comfortable, the heat pump portion of your dual fuel system will keep you happy. If temperatures are expected to drop below freezing for the next few weeks, your furnace could be the extra kick to keep you and your family comfortable.


A dual fuel system is as cost-effective as they come. When you’re traveling somewhere that’s two hours away, you’d rather drive, right? Well, what about traveling to your neighbor’s house? Most homeowners would much rather walk there than have to drive if you can save the money on gas and get some fresh air.

A dual fuel system is the same concept. Think of the heat pump as your car and the furnace as your legs. A one-size-fits-all solution just doesn’t cut it sometimes, and it’s better that you have your furnace for the extra cold days and your heat pump for everything else.

Environmentally Friendly

These systems are so cost-effective that you’ll be consuming much less in energy costs overall. Heat pumps run on electricity, so they’re incredibly clean and what you’ll be using for most of the year. Furnaces run on natural gas which is the cleanest burning gas on the market today. You’ll be saving some money in your wallet while saving the planet at the same time, what’s the problem with that?

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