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Savannah, GA & Hilton Head, SC


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What You Should Know about Heat Pumps

AC-units-heat-pumps-toolsAll air conditioners are not built alike. Today, central air conditioning systems far exceed the capabilities and efficiency ratings of bulky window units and room air conditioners. And even amongst central air conditioning systems, which may look quite similar, there can be great differences.

Some air conditioners are rated much better in terms of efficiency than others. They come in different sizes, which is necessary because every home has a unique need in terms of cooling capacity. And some air conditioners are actually heat pumps.

So What’s a Heat Pump?

A heat pump looks and acts just like an air conditioner. That’s right; despite its name, a heat pump cools your home, and it does it just as efficiently as any central air conditioner.

The difference is that it can also heat your home. And this doesn’t mean that it’s paired with a furnace. The very same components that keep your home cool, can keep you warm in the winter. It simply requires a few extra valves to do the job.

The Basics of Heat Pump Technology

Refrigerant, the chemical blend that helps to cool your home, does so by transferring heat. You cannot really create cooling in the same way you can generate heat, so your air conditioner has to remove heat first. Refrigerant transfers heat to the outside of the home at the outdoor unit.

A heat pump is simply able to reverse this process. Refrigerant can also absorb heat from the outside air and bring it indoors, even when it’s very cold outside.

Why Choose a Heat Pump Over Central AC?

You may be thinking, especially if you live in a cool climate, that you’re better off with a conventional air conditioner and furnace. However, you might be surprised by the performance of today’s heat pumps.The thermodynamic properties of refrigerant allow it to absorb heat even as temperatures approach freezing. Heat pumps are highly efficient because moving heat is a more efficient process than generating it.

That means that you save money all year round! Heat pumps tend to have efficiency ratings that match or exceed the efficiency of central air conditioners anyway. And if you live in a warm climate like ours, it seems unnecessary to have a separate system for heating when you can have it all in one.

Picking Out the Right Heat Pump for Your Home

Picking out the right heat pump for your home means involving a professional technician. Someone with the right experience can make sure that your heat pump is the proper size for your home. This is important because when a heat pump is oversized or under-sized, it can end up using more energy. However, you can have some say in which efficiency rating is chosen, along with specifications like brand and whether or not you would like a dual fuel system.

Maintaining Your Heat Pump

Finally, it’s important to see that your heat pump gets the proper maintenance to run smoothly and efficiently for years to come. This means scheduling repairs as soon as you notice a problem with your heat pump, and you should schedule professional maintenance twice a year–once for the heating season and once for spring and summer.

While you should be changing your air filter once a month, there are other steps necessary to tune up your system and keep it in top shape. And this is something you should leave to a professional technician.

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