Evaluating the State of Your Ductless System

Ductless units function much differently from other heating systems in our area. You can’t just ask your neighbor or friend if you’ve got a problem with your ductless heat pump, because they might give you tips that are only applicable for their gas furnace or centralized heat pump. For instance, you’ll never detect when gas is leaking from the system because a ductless heat pump doesn’t use natural gas. It’s obvious, but you need a reliable ductless resource.

That’s what this blog is. Think of it like a friend at a party, or your neighbor who you’re just saying a quick “hello” to. We won’t be able to give you a serious diagnosis, only a professional technician surveying your system can do that. But we can give you a general idea as to whether you require ductless heat pump repairs in Savannah, GA, or if you’re in good shape.

Signs of Disrepair

Let’s get right into it! Here are four unique signs of a ductless heat pump in disrepair. Note that none of these should be worked on by anyone who isn’t a licensed HVAC professional. So give our team a call if you need help.

  • Leaking water. Heat pumps might not use water to heat or cool a home, but they can produce water through condensation. Usually, it’s not that much water and can easily be drained out through a condensate drain. However, if there’s a drain clog or some kind of malfunction, the ductless mini split can actually leak water. Make sure you get this problem fixed ASAP!
  • Foul odor. Sometimes a condensate clog in your mini split can cause mold to grow. This can release a foul odor that will be similar to other mold or mildew smells you might experience elsewhere.
  • Poor temperature control. If your heat pump system can’t handle your temperature demands, then there’s something wrong. Make sure you change the air filter and try the system again before calling for repairs.
  • Excessive dust and pet dander. Each mini split system is going to heat or cool a different section of your home. This means that some areas which have high amounts of dust or pet dander might get impacted differently than others. If you’re noticing one heat pump that’s clogged with dust and other materials, make sure you get it the professional attention it deserves and change out the air filter.

Invest in Maintenance

Are you unsure as to whether your heat pump needs professional repairs? Or perhaps you’re just too busy to pay that close attention to your heating system? Well, that’s what maintenance is for.

A maintenance plan is basically a way to hire a professional to take a look at your ductless heat pump even if nothing is particularly wrong with it. We can tune it up, fix it, and even give you a clean bill of health if the system is in good shape. Just consider it if you feel a little overwhelmed by all of the things that could be going wrong with your heat pump.

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