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Whether you’re interested in cutting down on your heating and cooling costs or you want to reduce your impact on the environment, a heat pump by AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. may be the solution you need. Call us today to learn more about the heat pump installation, repair, replacement or maintenance services we offer. AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. may be able to help you heat and cool your home more efficiently with a high quality heat pump installation. 

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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

The key to the high efficiency with which heat pumps operate is their utilization of the heat transfer process. Conventional heating and cooling systems consume a fuel in order to provide your home with heating and cooling energy. Heat pumps, on the other hand, transfer ambient heat into or out of your home for the same purpose: keeping you comfortable. By making use of heat in the air and water around your home, heat pumps are able to keep your home warm. When the temperatures rise, the process is reversed and heat is extracted from your home and displaced outside. The heat transfer process uses only a small amount of electricity during operation, making a heat pump installation a great option for sustainable, affordable heating and cooling power.

Heat Pump Installation

Before your heat pump can be installed there are a number of steps to be taken. Like any other heating and cooling system your heat pump must be properly sized for maximum performance and efficiency levels. An undersized heat pump will put excess strain on the device as it struggles to reach temperature goals beyond its capability, putting needless wear and tear on your system. Necessary tonnage must be determined by a professional, as with any other heating and cooling system, and AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. has a team of technicians capable of determining the proper capacity for your home.

Because heat pumps are reliant upon climate when it comes to their effectiveness, the source from which your heat pump draws heat is also important to consider. Air source heat pumps, for instance, draw their energy from a source (the air) and are therefore much more susceptible to temperature fluctuations than a water–source heat pump. It may be necessary for a secondary support heating system to supplement your heat pump. All of this is easily determined by a properly trained specialist, so be sure you’re working with a qualified professional from AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. when making decisions about the installation of a heat pump in your Savannah home.

Heat Pump Repair Service

While regular, professional maintenance from AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. can keep your heat pump system operating effectively and efficiently, all home comfort systems will eventually require repair service. The difference is just how frequent and complex the necessary repairs will be. When you have regular maintenance performed on your system you’re allowing our professional technicians the opportunity to catch any small or developing problems before they can seriously compromise the operation and efficiency of your system. When problems are caught in the early stages they are easier and less costly to repair. Of course, larger or even emergency repair are always a possibility, and when these serious issues arise it is imperative that you call a qualified, professional and dependable service provider for repair service. If you live in the Savannah area, that company is AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co.. We have the experience, training and skills necessary to ensure that your comfort is interrupted no longer than absolutely necessary. When something goes wrong with your heat pump, we’re here to help.

Heat Pump Maintenance

When you call AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. for professional heat pump maintenance service, you can expect a thorough, meticulous inspection of your system. Moving parts will be lubricated, filters cleaned or replaced, electrical components and connections tested and more. By ensuring that every individual component of your heat pump is working properly you are also ensuring that the system of a whole is able to operate as it should. Not only does this maintain the level of efficiency in performance that made you choose a heat pump in the first place, it also help protect your system against damages resulting from the operation of a compromised system. Even small compromises in integrity can lead to big problems with your system if given the time, so call our team today for professional heat pump maintenance.  At AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. we understand how disruptive an interruption to your heating and cooling service can be to your comfort. Because your comfort is our priority, we are always available to help with any maintenance or repair service you need for you heat pump system. Call us today with any questions you have about the services we provide.

Heat Pump Replacement Service

Like any other machine your heat pump will eventually need to be replaced. Proper maintenance will ensure that you get the longest, most efficient service from your heat pump possible. But when the time for replacement does come our team is here to help. We’ll assist you in choosing the correctly sized, most appropriate heat pump replacement for your home. Efficiency is a main reason for choosing to use a heat pump, so be sure that your replacement model will live up to your expectations. With quality heat pump products from trusted brands such as Bryant paired with the quality installation and replacement services AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. offers you, can rest assured that your heat pump will satisfy your needs and expectations.

What Are Water–Source Heat Pumps?

Water–source heat pumps work in the same manner as other heat pump models in that they do not consume a fuel source in order to create heat or to cool your home. Instead they transfer ambient heat from water on your property to warm your home when it’s cold, and transfer heat back out of your home when the temperature is high. This versatility makes water–source heat pumps as convenient as they are efficient. AAction Air Conditioning & Heating Co. is proud to offer water–source heat pumps from trusted, well–established companies such as Carrier and Florida Heat Pumps. We know that our clients have high expectations of us and in turn we know that we must have high expectations of the products we use. That’s why we provide products with the same high standards we have and bring them to every job we perform. Call us to learn about the water–source heat pumps available for installation in your home.

The Water–Source Heat Pump Installation Process

Water–source heat pumps require the installation of a loop system in order to circulate a heat transfer fluid which absorbs heat for exchange with the refrigerant within the heat pump. This loop system is installed in an available body of water on your property deep enough so that the temperature surrounding it is more or less constant. There are two types of water–source loop systems.

Closed Water–Source Loop Systems

In a closed loop system the antifreeze solution circulates throughout a system of plastic tubing. This solution absorbs heat from the surrounding water and delivers it to the heat pump. A heat exchanger transfers heat between this solution and the refrigerant in the heat pump. The process is repeated, allowing for consistent heating and cooling power in your home. The process is simply reversed to draw heat out of the structure when the temperature is warm. The body of water in which your closed loop system is installed must meet certain size and depth requirements. Call today to learn more about having closed loop system installation.

Open Loop Water–Source Systems

An open loop actually uses the water available on your property in the same way that closed loops use the antifreeze solution in that type of system. Water is circulated through the loop system and, after the heat exchange, is discharged back to the ground. This option obviously requires an adequate water supply for operation.

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Our technicians have the answers to all your water–source heat pump questions. For more information contact us and speak with a member of our expert staff. We’ll help you make the right decision about water–source heat pumps for your home.

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